the battle is on!

It is not often that we have felt the heat of the battle. We have the sense that in these days we are in a battle against a foe that uses tactics that are very subtle and subversive. I’m reminded of the words of David “With your help I can advance against a troop, with my God I can scale a wall.”

As we continue on this journey we are “attacked” by many things. Discouraging thoughts and opinions of why we should not be heading in this direction. Opinions like: “the nationals should do it”, “you just want to be close to your family”, “it’s too costly” and “you’re not considering your children”. These are just a few of the comments we have heard recently.

It is as if these opinions have a life of their own and come against us in our heart and mind. They are the troop that we are advancing against. But David, who knew just a little about battles, declared “with my God I can scale a wall”. And by faith I declare too “with my God I can scale a wall” and attain the goal that is in front of us!

Check out 2 Samuel 22 it’s a great victory song written by King David 3000 years ago!

Don’t ignore the small stuff!

Today was a lesson in not disrespecting the small things that come our way.

Kind of like the story of the prophet Samuel looking for the successor to the crown in Israel. It turned out that it was not one of the handsome young men of Jesse’s family, rather it was the “baby” of the family who was quite runty and no doubt smelt a lot like the sheep he has required to tend.

When God hands us opportunities to serve Him and make known His calling on our lives don’t dis the small stuff!

We feel blessed by all the good that is happening in our lives right now. Things are moving forward and we are going to see the results one day soon. It takes a lot of planting before you can get a rich harvest!

My motto is now:

You can be BRAVE!

Believe the truth

Reject all lies

Act in spite of fear

Visualize God’s plan

Expect it to happen