A Dream

As I slept I had a dream. I dreamt that I was leading someone through some very rocky terrain with ruins of ancient stone buildings along the path. It wasn’t a difficult path, it just required caution to navigate through the area. At one point the person I was leading, a middle aged woman, needed to adjust her shoe laces so we stopped at a small / low stone wall where she could raise her foot to re-tie her laces. As she did this I noticed a staircase leading downward on the other side of this low wall. At the landing it turned left through an archway that opened into a corridor that ran alongside  our path.

archwayAs my friend tied her shoe a large beast stuck its head out of the archway. This beast seemed friendly but I knew it had evil intent. To scare it off I made several gestures toward it to make it flee. As it fled down the corridor so did a number of other animals that had been with it. These animals were wolf-like and unlike the first beast these did have the appearance of evil intent.

All these beasts scurried away when I made my gestures toward the first beast. They ran down the corridor and climbed the opposite side to get away. They were however still in the area which required me to be attentive as I led my friend through the ruins.