A mad man!

Mark 3:20-35: The critics of Jesus ministry went from bad to worse in this passage when they actually attributed the work Jesus is doing to a tag team event between Jesus and Satan himself! Only a few verses back in Mark 3:3 we see Jesus indignant when faced with the heartlessness of the religious elite in refusing Him the right to heal a son of Abraham on the Sabbath. Now we can only imagine that He was dismayed, disheartened or perhaps infuriated by their disbelief and attribution of His ministry not to God, YeHoWeH, but to Beelzebul the prince of demons. For Jesus this was the height of their disbelief and a blasphemy against the Holy Spirit that would not be forgiven. Jesus points out to these unbelieving leaders of the nation that a house divided against itself can not stand and so certainly His ministry of casting out demons can not come from within the house of Beelzebul, that’s absurd! How could they attribute to Satan what God was doing?
Jesus had become hugely popular in the back country of Galilee as He went about teaching about the Kingdom of God and delivering people from their sicknesses and demon possession. He was so popular that He and His disciples couldn’t even get a meal in. And traditionalism, in 30AD or 2013, tells us that there is something wrong here with this man’s success. Religious tradition had got the better of these teachers of the law and it was blinding them from the marvellous thing God was doing in their midst. It’s true that their neatly package religious system was being shaken up and even torn down. Their traditionalism was keeping them from seeing the source of this transformation, they couldn’t possibly see “the hand of God” in these things.
Let us never fail to give the glory to God for the work He is doing even when it takes us out of the safety of our traditions.

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