Not what was expected

Mark 1: 40-45: You have to wonder why Jesus told this man not to tell anyone what had happened (Mark 1:43)? In reality the man went out and began witnessing about what Jesus had done in his life, creating such a surge in popularity that Jesus had to retreat to the desert places. You can understand the man’s excitement after being healed, there’s no doubt that it was a life changing thing to be cured of his leprosy. But didn’t Jesus know that this would happen?
It seems to me that Jesus must have known and yet it says “he felt sorry for him” and so he healed him regardless of the impact it would have on his ministry. Jesus did instruct his disciples later (Matthew 10:5-15) to find worthy people to teach about the Kingdom of God and to teach those we disciple and baptize to obey all that he had commanded (Matthew 28:18-20). This man doesn’t seem to fall into that worthy person category but he did testify to what Jesus had done in his life. God still used him to lead many to encounter Jesus and certainly some of those became worthy recipients of the message of the Kingdom of God.
Jesus love for people got the best of him and yet the Kingdom moved forward. I guess love does conquer all!

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