Waiting for crumbs

Mark 7:24-30: Jesus makes another attempt to slip away for a break but once again his notoriety has gone before him and he’s unable to go unnoticed. This time we find him in Tyre where he is met by a Greek woman seeking deliverance for her demon possessed daughter. This has been a major part of what Jesus was doing in his ministry so we wouldn’t think it would be a unique situation. What makes it different is that the woman is not Jewish so she’s coming to him from a totally different cultural context. Jesus response to her is different too when in parable form he tells her that the Jewish people, the children of the household, have not yet fully eaten their meal. Therefore it would be right to take from their meal and give it to the dogs! Now that’s shocking, for us at least, but for the woman she comes right back with the response that wins the day with Jesus saying that even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the table. It’s surprising to hear Jesus say what he did to the woman but it is also a relief to see that he appreciated the woman’s wise answer and for that gave deliverance to the woman’s daughter.

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