Cleaning house

Mark 11:12-19; Jesus cleans things up in his Father’s house. For too long he had observed the deterioration of the Temple and this day he decided to deal with the problem. His action was radical and angered those in authority. The need for a clean house of God uncluttered by the affairs of life was important for Jesus. In under a week he would be gone and his work would be finished. People needed to be able to come into the Temple to truly worship and honour God in spirit and truth. What interests me here though is that Jesus spends the whole day in the Temple. He doesn’t do a hit and run commando operation. After chasing the offending merchants out he takes time to teach. Jesus was always teaching in whatever situation he found himself in. The Temple was clean now and he was able to take the time and have the space he needed to teach the people. It would be great to know what he taught in this situation!

If the disciple of Jesus wants to set at his feet to hear him teaching their must first be a work of purification in the heart of the disciple. Just like the Temple needed to be cleared of all that was hampering it God’s people from drawing near we too must let Jesus do his work of cleansing. As in this case there are times when it must be radical which is uncomfortable. The result is wonderful though, the Temple is clear and the people can enter in to hear the Teacher teach freely.

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