We also believe and therefore speak

Why would a man give up all his ambitions and plans for life? In 2 Corinthians 4:13-15 Paul is giving a statement of the very reason for which he traveled around the Mediterranean preaching the Gospel to none believers. Why would anyone give up their life for that kind of endeavour? Paul envisioned a greater goal in his life than attaining financial stability and a secure retirement plan — the two car garage with a boat in the driveway fantasy of our generation. Paul’s endgame was not in this life, Paul knew that he and all humanity would find themselves standing before God one day faced with the consequences of our sinful nature. On our own the outcome of that encounter is terrifying. However Paul spoke, meaning he proclaimed the Gospel, because he knew that the Gospel was the answer to every individual’s guilt before God. The resurrection brings hope and for those who embrace the sacrifice and resurrection of Christ Jesus there is the promise of being presented before God in Christ rather than in ourselves. So Paul gave up everything that was important for him and he spoke anywhere and to anyone who would listen.

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