Dressed and ready

Our lives are often focused on survival; having enough to live each day, putting a little aside to enjoy a moment of pleasure and making sure that there’s something left for the days ahead when our eyes grow dim and our strength ebbs away.

In Luke 12: 35-36 Jesus tells us to be dressed and ready for his return as the servants would be for the masters arrival for the banquet he has prepared. He reminds us that “For life is more than food, and the body more than clothes.” (v.23) and “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

It becomes apparent then that as we focus less on the treasures of this life, food and clothing, we are called to focus more on being prepared for His return and the banquet that will follow. 

Sometime following this statement Jesus told the parable of the banquet (Luke 14:16-24) in which the servants are compelled to, not sit in the hall waiting idly (or caught up in the preparation of the hall and meal – cue Martha’s distraction with many unnecessary things in Luke 10) for the master to arrive, but to  go out and to bring in the invited guests. The “who so ever” of John 3:16 and the sick and sinners of Luke 5:32. These other passages help us see better what Jesus is thinking about when He speaks of the banquet.

It’s all part of his Kingdom language in which the banquet feast is an essential element. We know that Jesus liked a banquet, a party. It seemed to be what got him into the bad books of the Pharisees. He was hanging out far too often with the wrong crowd of tax collectors and sinners for the likes of the upper elite of Jewish society. But the banquet was part of Jesus thinking about the Kingdom of Heaven where the Father was going to pile on the blessings to his guests in away that had never been seen. So Jesus calls us to be ready for the event and to bring in all who will come.

What is distracting you from being “dressed and ready” for the banquet feast the Father is preparing for each of us?

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