Being the Greatest

Mark 9:33-50: It’s not surprising that to find our travelling band of disciples confronted with their own ambitions to be the greatest. They’re all very human and quite like the rest of humanity, including me. In reading the text the embarrassment can be sensed and the reader can imagine each of the disciples trying to disappear into the shadowy parts of the room as Jesus spoke. Continue reading

The Cost of Discipleship

Mark 7:31-9:1 A lot happens in this section of Mark’s narrative of the life of Jesus. Jesus heals several people, feeds another large group of men with only 7 loaves of bread, Peter proclaims Jesus to be the Messiah but then rapidly faces Jesus’ rebuke for his own rebuke of Jesus’ talk of the need that he suffer and die at the hands of the Jewish authorities. Continue reading

Doing it like Jesus wanted it done

Mark 6:6-13: The Church today faces the challenge of ministering to people in a variety of contexts and cultures. Each of these is unique requiring the disciples of Jesus to adjust their approach accordingly. However there are somethings that don’t change. This passage gives us a look at what the essentials are in bringing the message of the Kingdom of God to all cultures, in all periods of history. Continue reading