Cleaning house

Mark 11:12-19; Jesus cleans things up in his Father’s house. For too long he had observed the deterioration of the Temple and this day he decided to deal with the problem. His action was radical and angered those in authority. The need for a clean house of God uncluttered by the affairs of life was important for Jesus. In under a week he would be gone and his work would be finished. Continue reading

The Heart of the Matter

Mark 7:1-23 It happened again! Jesus and his men weren’t conforming to the rules that had been established in Jewish society and once again they were in direct conflict with the leaders. The leaders of the day seemed to enjoy watching Jesus and the disciples to find reason to accuse and discredit them. In a previous confrontation the issue had been gleaning kernels of wheat for a snack as they walked in the fields on the Sabbath, that was work and therefore forbidden (Mark 2:23). This time it was the issue of washing of hands before eating. Strange how it’s around the issue of food that there’s conflict again.  Continue reading

The Old and the New

Mark 2:18-22: Jesus is faced with another criticism of His work and the actions of His disciples. People were wondering why Jesus’ disciples weren’t more spiritual because they weren’t fasting like the Pharisees and John’s disciples. Once again people were confusing outward appearance and inner spiritual reality. We’ve already discovered that Jesus put more importance on the inner spiritual life but as usual people expect appearances and practices to accompany the spiritual life. Continue reading